Quick ways to blog news (and brand your company) every day

A great and easy way to engage with your community online consistently is to blog news every day. It doesn't take much time to do and it can build trust and leadership for your organization. This blog will give some tips on how to do it.

First, you must read! Ok, or listen to podcasts or any type of media that you like. You already do that. Next, make it an intention to blog about it after you have reflected on it. This can include daily news from the newspaper, articles online, videos, etc. Just choose the media you find interesting that you think your audience will like, too. Also, make sure that it reflects your company's goals and values.

I will use an example blog I recently wrote about the Harvard Business Review podcast called Mental Health and Media. This podcast is especially important to my organization because it discusses what large media organizations are doing, like MTV, to address mental health issues in young people.

How to quickly blog:

  1. First, listen to the podcast and find what is especially relevant.

  2. Second, write two to three paragraphs about the podcast, in your own point of view.

  3. Include a new headline.

  4. Then, provide a link for the full article or podcast.

Blogging news articles is a great way to summarize information and create new meaning for your audience. It creates a new narrative or brand for your company.

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