MTV says solving the mental health crisis is a priority - can they do it?

Whether TV is a good or bad thing for mental health, MTV's Entertainment Group says now it is a priority for them to reflect more intentional ways of representing mental health in their programming.

The recent podcast from the podcast Harvard Business Review's Anxious Achiever by Morra Aaron-Mele (a great podcast for media nerds, by the way!) interviewed MTV's CEO. He said 1 out of every 2 college students, MTV's primary audience, now reports that they have mental health issues. So, the media group is being pressured to put more emphasis on how they treat mental illness on the channel.

So the question remains, does media support or hurt our mental health? When we see reality starts having mental breakdowns, does it throw us into a frenzy or does it reflect on our own behavior?

How can we make media supportive of our mental health wellness?

Listen to the podcast:

Read MTV's Press Release: Groundbreaking Coalition of Media Companies and Mental Health Experts Unite to Tackle Growing Mental Health Crisis

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