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How is Planning Different from Strategy?

Updated: Jun 18, 2022

The first thing we do at Intentional Marketing and Communications is create a plan that meets time, resource, and goal constraints.

Recently, I helped a small business create a marketing plan for the Summer because she wanted to capture the summer rush of visitors in Denver.

We wrote a plan within a day, planned all of our activities including photoshoots, design creation, and approvals, and execution dates. It felt great.

We plan to have all the content created within four weeks so we can turn the campaigns on in June, just in time for the Summer rush.

Projects like this are common. We create a plan, devise a strategy, then schedule all the events for production and execution. If you are looking for something similar, get in touch.

Call 720-365-8803 to talk about your business with me or send me an email at

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