How It Works

STEP 1: Target Market Research

Let us research your market, what your consumers listen to, what types of information they enjoy learning about, and let us craft a marketing plan that will reach your customers with intention and conscientiousness. Every communications and media strategy must start with this, and we don't skip on this reflection part of the work.

Monthly Fee: $600 includes one target market research report and one strategy session per month

STEP 2: Content Building

After the target market research is done, we can start building a content marketing plan for you. Determine the best blog posts, news ideas, and commentary pieces that will be best for your online community. You will receive one blog per month that has a minumum of 500 words that is best for your target market.

Monthly Fee: $1,600 per month includes Target Market Research, one strategy session, plus one content piece per month

STEP 3: Content Publishing

 As we continue to build your content calendar, we find topics that your audience is enjoying, you will want to be publishing more. This will drive your audience to your site and keep them engaged with you as you grow. To publish more, let's chat on custom packages that can include consistent blogging, target market research, and social media updates.

Monthly Fee: Starts at $2,000 per month