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Intentional Communications brings out the best in you through the power of the written word. We write articles that engage, inform, and inspire your target audiences. Our media relations strategy team advises you on how to increase your chances to be placed in a major publication for your target market.

Why Choose Intentional Communications?

Intentional Communications is a story-writing service that helps you build memorable and lasting connections with your customers.

Let Us Write Your Story

Interesting, inviting, and personable articles

Let us write stories that invite your target market to learn more about your company, inform them with fresh insights about your industry, or engage them with exciting news. 

We provide consistent blog writing services for fresh content. 

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Find the Best Publication for Your Business

Getting major media coverage

We work to find the publication most likely to publish news about you and set up a plan to get there. Your news matters to someone and we find that someone. 
We charge a small flat fee for media relations work and only get paid when you get placed.

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