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Meaningful Marketing

Intentional Marketing and Communications brings together decades of experience in the media, entertainment, and journalism industries to influence and engage target audiences. 

Finding your people.

Intentional Marketing and Communications is a consulting service that helps you build memorable and lasting connections with your stakeholders and clients.

Meet Your Customers Where They Are

We build connections. 

We write communications plans that invite your listeners to be part of a group, get excited about a project, or be the first to know great news. 

Our consulting services build long-term strategies that you can start using today. 

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Image by Ju Desi

Your Audience Comes First

Studying your market

We work to find the media strategy for your organization and a plan to get you published and seen consistently and effectively. Your information matters to someone and we find that someone. 
We set monthly or hourly fees based on your needs. 

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